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AMERICAN SONGWRITER – Bonnie Raitt Inspires on Album ‘Just Like That…’

9 June 2022


Watching a human interest segment on the news in 2018, Bonnie Raitt couldn’t pull away from the story of a woman who donated her child’s organ and was about to meet the recipient of her son’s heart for the first time. The man sat with her and asked if she would like to put her head on his chest so she could hear her son’s heart. “I just lost it,” says Raitt. “It was the most moving and surprising thing. I wasn’t expecting it. I vowed right then that I wanted to write a song about what that would take.”


Photo by Ken Friedman
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STEREOGUM – We’ve Got A File On You: Bonnie Raitt

22 April 2022

By Ryan Leas
Bonnie Raitt has, infamously, had one of the stranger career trajectories out there. Way back in the beginning of the ’70s, she quickly garnered the respect of older musicians and the interest of labels thanks to her guitar playing and her ability to dig into blues and folk standards. Across that decade and into the ’80s, she built up a loyal following, but never crossed over to runaway mainstream success — that is, until she was 40 and a whole new chapter of her career began with Nick Of Time.


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