Earth Axis Still

In Honor of Earth Day…

22 April 2022

While we are celebrating the release of my new album today, we want to also acknowledge and promote all the wonderful events held around the world on this 52nd Earth Day and be reminded of the great actions we can all take to help protect and honor Mother Earth in these times of increasing climate crises.

While the reports have spread widely by renowned climate scientists and leaders around the world about how the tipping point of no return is looming much sooner than even predicted, let us rally our commitment to do whatever we can personally, locally and globally to change and promote policies that will allow us to conserve, re-allocate and transform how we use our limited resources to fuel our human needs.

Making a significant switch to safe energy, conserving and recycling, and adopting more  sustainable methods of managing our forests, oceans, rivers, industries and farms for both crops and raising animals— These are what I believe we can to do to help turn back the tide. Let’s not give up —we have no choice but to keep our shoulders to the wheel.

Let’s honor the Earth every day!

Bonnie 🌏

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