Polish Strollers For Ukraine Mothers

Ukraine ~ International Women’s Day

9 March 2022

We know that women bear a disproportionate burden during war and we see that happening right before our eyes as women and children flee Ukraine with their babies strapped to them, comforting their older children too heavy to physically carry and traumatized by the violence, chaos and suffering all around them. In times like these, when I feel powerless to help stem the tide of human suffering, I look to those relief organizations on the ground who are bravely providing humanitarian support, shelter, safety and food. These are unprecedented times and it’s incumbent upon those of us living outside of the conflict zone and surrounding countries welcoming refugees (more than 1.7 million who have made it out of Ukraine over the last 12 days,) to donate what we can and speak out for PEACE. We’ve made donations to these organizations and encourage you to learn about their work and donate if you are able.  

— Bonnie and BRHQ

Global Empowerment Mission

World Central Kitchen

Photojournalist Francesco Malavolta said he was struck by the solidarity of Polish parents who left their strollers for mothers and children fleeing war in Ukraine. Photo by Francesco Malavolta / AP​​
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