Liner Notes - Sweet Forgiveness

Sweet Forgiveness
Original release: 1977 
Remastered re-release: October 9, 2001
Produced by Paul A. Rothchild
1. About To Make Me Leave Home - 4:11
(Earl Randall)
2. Runaway - 3:53
(Del Shannon / Max Crook)
3. Two Lives - 3:47
(Mark Jordan)
4. Louise - 2:43
(Paul Siebel)
5. Gamblin' Man - 3:25
(Eric Kaz)
6. Sweet Forgiveness - 4:07
(Daniel Moore)
7. My Opening Farewell - 5:17
(Jackson Browne)
8. Three Time Loser - 3:15
(Covay / Miller)
9. Takin My Time - 3:34
(Bill Payne)
10. Home - 3:25
(Karla Bonoff)
Recorded in 1976-77
Engineers: John Haeny, Sunset Sound Recorders, Los Angeles Roger Mayer, Elektra Sound Recorders, Los Angeles CD REmastered by Lee Herschberg CDD Pre-Mastering by The Record Group
The Band
Will McFarlane: electric guitar, slide guitar on "Takin' my Time"
Jef Labes: keyboards
Bonnie: vocals, slide guitar, acoustic guitar on "Louise" and "Home", electric guitar on "My Opening Farewell"
Dennis Whitted: drums
Freebo: Fretless bass, guitar on "Louise"
Additional Musicians
Fred Tackett: acoustic guitar
Bill Payne: synthesizer and organ, Fender Rhodes on "Two Lives", piano on "Home"
David Grisman: mandocello
Sam Clayton: congas on "Sweet Forgiveness"
Additional Vocalists
John David Souther: "Home"
Michael McDonald, Rosemary Butler: "Gamblin Man", "Runaway", "Sweet Forgiveness" and "Two Lives"
Lester Chambers, Maxayn Lewis, Carlena Williams: "About to Make Me Leave Home"