Liner Notes - Home Plate

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Original release: 1975 
Remastered re-release: March 5, 2002
Produced by Paul A. Rothchild
1. What Do You Want The Boy To Do - 3:18
(Allen Toussaint)
2. Good Enough - 2:55
(John & Johanna Hall)
3. Run Like A Thief - 3:01
(John David Souther)
4. Fool Yourself - 3:05
(Fred Tackett)
5. My First Night Alone Without You - 3:01
(Kin Vassey)
6. Walk Out The Front Door - 3:08
(Mark Jordan / Rip Stock)
7. Sugar Mama - 3:44
(Delbert McClinton / Glen Clark)
8. Pleasin' Each Other - 3:44
(Bill Payne / Fran Tate)
9. I'm Blown Away - 3:22
(Eric Kaz)
10. Sweet and Shiny Eyes - 2:43
(Nan O'Byrne)
Engineering by Fritz Richmond
Recorded at Elektra Sound Recorders,
Los Angeles, Summer 1975
The Players
Bonnie Raitt - vocals, electric slide guitar on "Sugar Mama"
Freebo - first bass (Fender fretless), guitarron and tuba
Gary Mallaber - drums
Will McFarlane - electric guitar, phaser guitar and solo on "Run Like a Thief"
John Hall - electric guitar, lead guitar on "Sugar Mama"
Fred Tackett - acoustic and 12-string guitars, mandolin and Fender Rhodes on "Sugar Mama"
Bill Payne - keyboards and accordion
Jai Winding - piano on "My First Night Alone Without You"
Dennis Whitted - drums on "My First Night Alone Without You"
William (Smitty) Smith -piano on "Walk Out the Front Door"
Joe and Jeff Porcaro - percussion
John Sebastian - autoharp on "Run Like a Thief"
Jerry Jumonvillie - tenor sax, solo on "Pleasin' Each Other"
Jim Gordon - baritone sax
Dick Hyde - trombone and bass trumpet
George Bohanon - trombone and baritone horn
Background Vocals
Venetta Fields, Robbie Montgomery and Maxayn Lewis except 
"Fool Yourself", Jackson Browne, Rosemary Butler and Terry Reid; 
"Run Like a Thief", Jackson Browne, Rosemary Butler and Terry Reid and J.D. Souther; 
"I'm Blowin Away", Emmylou Harris, Jackson Browne, and J.D. Souther and 
"Sweet Shiny Eyes", Debbie Greene, Greg Prestopino, Jackson Browne, John Herald, Willow Van Der Hoek and Tom Waits
Horns arranged by Fred Tackett and Jerry Jumonville
Horns on "Pleasin' Each Other arranged by Bill Payne
String and horn arrangement on "Run Like a Thief", "I'm Blowin' Away" and "My First Night Alone Without You" by Nick De Caro
Concertmaster - Harry Bluestone