Liner Notes - Green Light

Green Light 
Original release: January, 1982 
Remastered re-release: October 5, 2001
Produced by Rob Fraboni
1. Keep This Heart In Mind
2. River Of Tears
3. Can't Get Enough
4. Willya Wontcha
5. Let's Keep It Between Us
6. Me And The Boys
7. I Can't Help Myself
8. Baby Come Back
9. Talk To Me
10. Green Lights
Keep This Heart in Mind - 3:19
(Fred Marrone / Stephen Holsapple)
Backing vocals: Melanie Rosales, Jackson Browne, Johnny and Ricky
Add'l guitar: Rick Vito
Sax: David Woodford
River of Tears - 4:52
(Eric Kaz)
Harmony vocal: Richard Manuel
Organ: Johnny
Can't Get Enough - 2:49
(Walt Richmond / Bonnie Raitt)
Sax: David Woodford
Percussion: Ricky and Rob
Willya Woncha - 3:21
(Johnny Lee Schell)
Vocals: Bonnie and Johnny
Let's Keep It Between Us - 4:41
(Bob Dylan)
Organ: William "Smitty" Smith
Me And The Boys - 3:36
(Terry Adams)
Backing vocals: Johnny and Bonnie
I Can't Help Myself - 3:04
(Johnny Lee Schell/Bonnie Raitt/Ricky Fataar/Ray Ohara)
Backing vocals: Johnny, Bonnie and Vince Gill
Baby Come Back - 2:48
(Eddy Grant)
Backing vocals: Johnny, Bonnie, Melanie Rosales, Steve Raitt
Add'l guitar: Mac, Rick Vito
Autoharp: Johnny
Talk To Me - 3:22
(Jerry Williams)
Sax: David Woodford
Add'l guitar: Rick Vito
Percussion: Johnny
Green Lights 3:13
(Terry Adams/Joseph Spampinato)
Add'l guitar: Rick Vito
Bonnie Raitt: Vocals, guitar, slide guitar
Johnny Lee Schell: Guitar, vocals
Ricky Fataar: Drums, percussion, vocals
Ian "Mac" McLagan: Keyboards
Ray Ohara: Bass
Recorded at Shangri-la Studios, Malibu, CA
Summer/Fall 1981
Engineered by Tim Kramer
Add'l Engineering by Terry Becker
Assisted by Thom Yuill
Mastered at the Mastering Lab by Mike Reese