Ricky Fataar


Born in Durban, South Africa 05/09/52

I started playing drums at age nine with my older brothers. We formed a band called "The Flames," made several recordings, toured all over Southern Africa and became quite popular. In 1968, we moved to London; then L.A. in 1970, after signing to the Beach Boys' "Brother" label for whom we made 2 albums. After we disbanded, I joined the Beach Boys, touring extensively and recording Holland and a 2-disc live album. I worked in London and L.A. with many artists. During that time, Eric Idle asked me to appear on the TV show "The Rutles, All You Need is Cash". I played Stig O'Hara (the quiet one). I met Bonnie in 1979, after working with Ian McLagan and co-producing Australian singer Renee Geyer. It was then she asked me to play on her Green Light album as part of The Bump Band. I then emigrated to Australia where I played on and co-produced albums for Tim Finn, Crowded House, Jenny Morris, Wendy Matthews, Renee and others. I produced music for the films The Coca-Cola Kid, High Tide and Barry Humpries' Les Patterson Saves the World. I also composed the score for an Australian film Spotswood.

Touring in 2009 with Bonnie Raitt and John Scofield

Recent activities:
 Played drums on John Scofield's Piety Street
Played drums on The Radio City Rockettes Christmas Album
Played drums on Michelle Schmitt's Home and Another Winter
Produced Joy Askew's The Pirate of Eel Pie 
Produced Kermit Lynch's Man's Temptation and Born In Bakersfield