Video of Bonnie on megaphone during Seattle gig power outage

September 12, 2012

Thanks so much to all the fans who came out to see us in Seattle this past weekend.

I'm so sorry we had to stop 3/4 of the way into Sunday night's show when the strong winds blew the power out of the whole neighborhood. We were hoping to resume but those in charge said we wouldn't be able to count on it happening in time. We're so sorry that despite my efforts with a megaphone, many of you just didn't get any communication about what was going on. In all of my years on the road, this has never happened during a show and I guess not for the folks at Chateau Ste. Michelle either.

Here is video from our drummer Ricky Fataar's iPhone, of me trying to get some word out on how sorry and grateful I was to have to stop what, up to then, was a rockin' show. I knew it couldn't project very far but didn't want you to think I would just take off without (trying) to say something to you all.

I'll never forget you guys finishing the chorus of "Angel From Montgomery" spontaneously when it all went dark and the lights from your cell phones and voices calling out. We were all very disappointed and I hope that we'll be able to make it up to you down the line. We're so glad no one was hurt and thank you for your cooperation and calm exiting the venue in the pitch dark.

Here's one for the story books!

Take care and sending love,