Live at Montreux '77/'91 DVD

May 2005

Live at Montreux '77/'91 DVD

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Release date: May 31, 2005
(C)2005 Montreux Sounds™ SA/Eagle Eye Media (a division of Eagle Rock Entertainment)

Bonnie Raitt's appearance at Montreux in 1977, was a part of her first European tour. This DVD gives ample evidence that the young Bonnie already possessed the qualities that would later make her a multi-award winning star. Her trademark combination of acoustic balladry, electric rock and gritty blues is in evidence across a track listing that includes "Under The Falling Sky," "Give It Up Or Let Me Go," "Women Be Wise" and her breakthrough hit "Runaway." As a bonus, four tracks from Bonnie's return performance in 1991, are also included.

1977 Band
Bonnie Raitt: Guitar & Vocals
Freebo: Bass, Tuba & Vocals
Marty Grebb: Keyboards, Sax & Vocals
Will McFarlane: Guitar & Vocals
Dennis Whitted: Drums
Jerry Portnoy: Guest Harmonica

1991 Band:

Bonnie Raitt: Guitar & Vocals
James “Hutch” Hutchinson: Bass & Vocals
Ricky Fataar: Drums
Debra Dobkin: Percussion & Vocals
Glen Clark: Keyboards, Harmonica & Vocals
Stephen Bruton: Guitar & Vocals
Daniel Timms: Keyboards & Vocals
Charles Brown: Special Guest Piano & Vocal