Green Light

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1. Keep This Heart In Mind
2. River Of Tears
3. Can't Get Enough
4. Willya Wontcha
5. Let's Keep It Between Us
6. Me And The Boys
7. I Can't Help Myself
8. Baby Come Back
9. Talk To Me
10. Green Lights

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Original release: January, 1982 
Remastered re-release: October 5, 2001
Produced by Rob Fraboni

"Bonnie Raitt plays more guitar on Green Light than on any album in years, the band boasts a "live" feel that makes the rock & roll cuts really kick, and the record contains one of Raitt's very best performances. Eric Kaz' "River of Tears" begins with a majestic, rolling hook uncannily reminiscent of the Rolling Stones' "Tumbling Dice," while the lovelorn lyrics stir Raitt's singing to a passionate yearning. She's joined on the choruses by Richard Manuel's urgent harmonies, and her own spicy slide-guitar playing adds snap. "River of Tears" peaks with a couple of piercing notes as wrenching as any Raitt has ever sung."

-- Rolling Stone